Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Framed Chevron Clothing Display

I love taking old pieces that I have just lying around the house and repurposing them in something new, fresh, and AMAZING!  

I had found myself in a dilemma where I didn't have anything really spectacular to use when taking photos of children's clothing for the website. 
What I did have was an old frame, peg board, and of course tons of fabric.  
So what do you do?  Why you reinvent them, of course!  

Here's what I did.


Large frame (orig. purchased this frame for $6 at Hobby Lobby during 90% days)
Scrapbook paper/fabric to cover
Paint (I used opps paint I found at Lowe's for $1)
Flat board (thin plywood, pegboard, or such)
Saw or jigsaw
Measuring Tape
Frame Fasteners
Heavy Tape
Decorative Doorknob/Hook/Drawer pull
You can change any of these up to fit the purpose of your display as needed.
Step 1: 
Cut the pegboard or board to fit the inside of the frame.
I had two pieces of pegboard that I had to piece together in order to fill the inside space. 
Step 2: 
Paint the frame to the color you desire.  In my case I wanted something fresh, simple, and neutral so I went with white.  

Step 3: 
In this step you can either use scrapbook paper and decoupage it on the board or opt for the fabric covering instead.  I opted for the fabric since I sew and have a huge stash of fabric. 
Cut your batting and fabric out to reach approximately 5"or so past the edges of the pegboard insert.  
Cut squares out of each of the four corners so you won't have a lot of bulk fabric once your start folding your edges in.  Just make sure you don't cut too close to the corner or your board will show at the corners.  I would suggest cutting the square up to 1" away from the corner of the board. 

I tried using staples at first to secure the fabric to the back of the board, however they wouldn't go through, so I opted to use packaging tape to secure the fabric to the back.  Depending on what type of board you use you may be able to use staples though.  

Front view

Step 4:
Take your covered board and fit it inside the frame.  

Step 5:
Using the Screwdriver or in my case the chisel as a hitting tool, hammer in the frame fasteners about every 6".  
The fasteners are what hold the board in place.

Step 6:
Flip your almost complete display over. 
Here is where you can get creative and add your own personal touches.  
I opted to use just one Drawer Pull in the top center, but you can use several knobs if you want to hang more then one outfit.  
I also thought it would be a great idea to add one knob like I've done, but then also add a clip at the bottom for matching socks, shoes.  Maybe even a knob to hang matching jewelry.

It's completely up to you! 

Not only is this just a cool room decor idea, but it's a fun way for your little to learn how to coodinate and dress each morning all by themselves.
On a smaller scale, you can also use this idea with smaller frames and maybe add a letter or a child's name to the center instead of the knobs.   
Now go search your house to see all the junk you can re-purpose!  
 I challenge you!  


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hunger Games District 12

Just returned from a great stay with family back in good ole NC!  Love it when we go back home.  Friends and family.  LOVE YOU ALL!  

This trip was also great because we drove 15 minutes away to see the set of the Hunger Games District 12 set in Henry River, Hildebran, NC.  

Wow!  You talk about going back in time.  The buildings were so old and basic.  By today's standards it's hard to ever believe that people actually lived that way.  

Such a great experience for the boys to see though.  They were so excited that they got to stand in the same places that Katniss and Peeta did.   (AKA - Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson)  

It is something extra special for us too because Josh grew up in the town we live in now and he filmed the Hunger Games in the town close to where I grew up.  
Small world!  :)  
 Peeta's Bakery


Row of houses Katniss runs by 

 Corner Katniss consoles Prim at beginning of movie

Just a photo of one of the houses

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Week's Inspirational Stories

I like to keep up with up to date news, however, it seems more and more like this world has their priorities all mixed up. 

I get so sad when I hear how someone took the life of someone else, or forgot to use their parenting morals, or even such things as when Hollywood Actors act like they are outside the law and should be catered to.  

So when I see stories that show individuals that GET what it means to be a human being, a hero, someone doing what is right,  a CHRISTIAN then it touches my heart like no other.  
Tears start falling and it reminds me that even though I try as hard as I can to be a Christian, there is always room to grow. 

Here are just a few examples of what has turned me to tears this week. 

Thank you for making me smile and bringing me to tears!
You are all BEAUTIFUL children of God!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tornadoes Too Close to Home

I've been lucky my whole life not to really be in Mother Nature's Way when she is having a bad day.  I grew up in the Piedmont of North Carolina so I was far enough inland and cradled by the Appalachian Mountains not to really have to worry about Hurricanes or severe winters.  

But I currently live in Northern Kentucky, and while lots of you may think, "Oh, that's a safe place too", a little over a week ago Mother Nature decided to try to find me.  

Thankfully, she didn't quite find where I lived, but instead she took her fury out on several of my neighboring cities.  Tornadoes ripped through Crittenden and Piner Kentucky which is only 10 minutes from where I am.  And this is only after several tore through Indiana which is almost a stone's throw to the west of where I live.  

Many great people lost their houses, animals, hopes, and dreams.  But they were the lucky ones compared to the ones who paid the ultimate price with their lives.  Here I was thankful that the tornado didn't blow my way and that my sons and I were safe huddled down in our basement.  But then as soon as you emerge, you hear of the stories of families that weren't as fortunate.  

It is a very empty feeling knowing others were in desperate need and there was much that you could do to help.  

I read about an organized help cleanup team and signed up that day.  We spent half the day in Crittenden, KY helping one neighborhood try to pick up the pieces of their lives.  Some had lost everything, some just the top floor of their house, while others had windows busted out and roofs ripped off.  
It is just really sad when you see your neighbors memories and house items strewn out for everyone to see.
We picked up everything from teddy bears to homework papers, to medical records, to jewelry.  Not to mention the bigger items such as mattresses, tvs, dressers, etc.  

I don't won't to go on and on with all that I saw, but it was a lot.  

 These pictures I took can speak louder than I can.

If you would like to help give a $10 donation, please Text Redcross to 90999. Or you can call 1-800-redcross if you would like to donate a larger amount.  

There are also several donation areas here locally, so if you are interested let me know I can forward some of those as well.  

Thank you for all your support in advance.  

Be thankful for what God has blessed you with and go hug someone you love today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm so in Love!

I'm so in LOVE with Bed Runner Sets!  

Here is my newest one that will available April 4th for an upcoming Sparkle Boutique Launch on Facebook.  (like my FB Fanpage for an invite to the Boutique Launch -
It is actually killing me to have to wait until the launch to put this one up for sale because it is just that ADORABLE!  

Each Bed Runner Set comes with a reversible foot bed runner to keep little feetsie's extra toasty on these cold, cold nights as well as two large Euro Pillow Shams that WOW the top of the bed during the day.  
You can even add some minky dot pillowcases, personalized FREE of course, or add even more charm by adding a coordinating throw pillow with a monogram or name personalized on it!  Both of these are additional so please email and we'll talk through how you would like to design them.  

DON'T go out and buy that new $300 bedroom set that you will probably get tired of in just a year anyway.  Let me customize you a REVERSIBLE bed runner set that can change when you do and won't break the bank!  

You'll B Happy!
Your Husband will B Happy you saved a ton of $! 
Your Bedroom will B Happy! 
And I'll B Happy that I got to create it for you! 

Don't forgot, if you aren't already, become a Pish Posh Creations Fan on Facebook ( for your invitation to the Sparkle Boutique Launch.  Shop from 80 boutique sellers.  At least 10% of everyone's sells will go toward The Layla Grace Cancer Research Foundation.  

And don't forget to check out my other bed runner sets on the website! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'll be the first one to admit that I am an addict!  
I'm addicted to the Lord my Savior, my husband, my kids, my family, Pinterest, designing, crafting, and fabric.  Oh, yea, and then there's chocolate.  We can't leave out the chocolate. 

So for the ones of you who know me it will not surprise you at all that I have ventured into yet another category to add to the Pish Posh lineup.  


Yes, from the same crazy lady that first brought you Crib bedding, then all bedding, then curtains, to bags, to burp cloths, to car seat covers, to the new clothing line Pish Posh Couture, now brings you Pish Posh Jewelry.  

I know, its crazy, but as a designer and crafter my mind never stops.  It is constantly going.  It's like my own personal energizer bunny.  Which is sometimes a blessing and a curse.  I've woken up in the middle of the night with a new idea or way of doing something and then it is almost impossible to go back to sleep.  (I now have to keep a sketch pad beside my bed for just these moments.)

But at the same time, not everyone can genuinely say that they absolutely love what they do.  I could eat, breathe, and sleep design.  It is something that runs through my veins and was inherited from my mother who instilled in me this creative passion.  Thank you mom!  

So with all that being said, I want all my BB's (Blogging Buddies) to be the first to see the first of the new jewelry lineup.  I haven't even listed them on the website yet, but will soon. So keep checking back.