Friday, April 29, 2011

The Opening Act

First off, I want to thank all my friends and wonderful customers who have persisted that I begin a blog online so they can further follow and track all the new and fresh ideas that I've created.  For even the ones that started off as customers I now gladly refer to as friends.   You are all amazing and I thank God each day that I've been blessed with so many good friends.

My name is Dana Zirkle.  For everyone who hasn't come to know me as of yet, I am a complex, mixed up array of characteristics.    I'm a southern girl born and bread, from North Carolina.  My friends can vouch for the southern accent. :0)  
Currently, we live in Northern Kentucky with my husbands work.  We tend to move around about every 2-3 years.  One of these days, however, we will end up settling down.  Together, my husband, Matthew, and I have 3 boys.  Jacob is 10, Daniel is 8, and Nathan is 7.  Our house is a very high testosterone house, yes!  Most of the time you will catch me at ballfields on any given evening or weekend cheering them on. 

A Little About Me.... 
Well, I'm a lot on the crazy side.  Being a designer, my mind is always racing with new ideas or what I can put together with fabrics.  It really never stops.  My friends can also vouch for that.  Many times I've been talking with a friend and my mind literally jumps to a new idea or design mid sentence.  (For those of you who have watched the movie "UP", it is my "Squirrel" moment).
I swear I'm ADD and CDO at the same time. (That's COD for most, but I have to have them in alphabetical order, hehehe)

My style in music is any where from contempory christian, pop, to country.  I laugh everytime I'm listening to my ipod and it jumps from a Nickelback song to a Third Day song.  Both are quite different from one another.   Music is my soul.  Since the boys are at school during the day and I have the house to myself, you will find me in my sewing studio, radio blasting, and maybe even catch me singing along.  I didn't say it I was a good singer, but none the less.   

I do enjoy to read, but only have time to do so when I'm sitting at one of the boys' practices, or laying around the pool.   I've actually started writing my own book just as a fun way to be creative.  No, you will probably never see it in the bookshelves, probably bc I'll never find the time to finish it or it'll be so boring no one will want to publish it.   Mainly, it is just another fun way to be creative in my own way.

My Design Aspect....
Is very fun, funky, whimsical, and sophisticated.  I mostly enjoy creating BOLD, bright, and funky items.  They are the best interpretation of my personality. 

But, I also like keeping it real with a sophisticated design element.  Whatever my customer is looking for, I like to make sure it is completed with a very custom, boutique look.  Something that you wouldn't find in just any store. 

I always love to see what a customer has envisioned for their piece.  I'm always there to help with any design suggestions along the way.  I can't really say which part is my favorite.  The being able to design a piece with someone is wonderful, bc I love working with someone to come up with that PERFECT design they were looking for.  But then I also enjoy sewing it all together, bc to me, sewing is my passion.  But, if I had to pick sides, then I would say that the final reveal is my favorite, bc having the customer see the final piece and see how happy they are almost makes me want to cry happy tears.  Making someone happy means the world to me. 

Well, that is me in a nut shell.  A little bit all over the place, but at the same time I will always be there for you.

If you have any questions always feel free to ask me anything. 
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