Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Framed Chevron Clothing Display

I love taking old pieces that I have just lying around the house and repurposing them in something new, fresh, and AMAZING!  

I had found myself in a dilemma where I didn't have anything really spectacular to use when taking photos of children's clothing for the website. 
What I did have was an old frame, peg board, and of course tons of fabric.  
So what do you do?  Why you reinvent them, of course!  

Here's what I did.


Large frame (orig. purchased this frame for $6 at Hobby Lobby during 90% days)
Scrapbook paper/fabric to cover
Paint (I used opps paint I found at Lowe's for $1)
Flat board (thin plywood, pegboard, or such)
Saw or jigsaw
Measuring Tape
Frame Fasteners
Heavy Tape
Decorative Doorknob/Hook/Drawer pull
You can change any of these up to fit the purpose of your display as needed.
Step 1: 
Cut the pegboard or board to fit the inside of the frame.
I had two pieces of pegboard that I had to piece together in order to fill the inside space. 
Step 2: 
Paint the frame to the color you desire.  In my case I wanted something fresh, simple, and neutral so I went with white.  

Step 3: 
In this step you can either use scrapbook paper and decoupage it on the board or opt for the fabric covering instead.  I opted for the fabric since I sew and have a huge stash of fabric. 
Cut your batting and fabric out to reach approximately 5"or so past the edges of the pegboard insert.  
Cut squares out of each of the four corners so you won't have a lot of bulk fabric once your start folding your edges in.  Just make sure you don't cut too close to the corner or your board will show at the corners.  I would suggest cutting the square up to 1" away from the corner of the board. 

I tried using staples at first to secure the fabric to the back of the board, however they wouldn't go through, so I opted to use packaging tape to secure the fabric to the back.  Depending on what type of board you use you may be able to use staples though.  

Front view

Step 4:
Take your covered board and fit it inside the frame.  

Step 5:
Using the Screwdriver or in my case the chisel as a hitting tool, hammer in the frame fasteners about every 6".  
The fasteners are what hold the board in place.

Step 6:
Flip your almost complete display over. 
Here is where you can get creative and add your own personal touches.  
I opted to use just one Drawer Pull in the top center, but you can use several knobs if you want to hang more then one outfit.  
I also thought it would be a great idea to add one knob like I've done, but then also add a clip at the bottom for matching socks, shoes.  Maybe even a knob to hang matching jewelry.

It's completely up to you! 

Not only is this just a cool room decor idea, but it's a fun way for your little to learn how to coodinate and dress each morning all by themselves.
On a smaller scale, you can also use this idea with smaller frames and maybe add a letter or a child's name to the center instead of the knobs.   
Now go search your house to see all the junk you can re-purpose!  
 I challenge you!