Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hunger Games District 12

Just returned from a great stay with family back in good ole NC!  Love it when we go back home.  Friends and family.  LOVE YOU ALL!  

This trip was also great because we drove 15 minutes away to see the set of the Hunger Games District 12 set in Henry River, Hildebran, NC.  

Wow!  You talk about going back in time.  The buildings were so old and basic.  By today's standards it's hard to ever believe that people actually lived that way.  

Such a great experience for the boys to see though.  They were so excited that they got to stand in the same places that Katniss and Peeta did.   (AKA - Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson)  

It is something extra special for us too because Josh grew up in the town we live in now and he filmed the Hunger Games in the town close to where I grew up.  
Small world!  :)  
 Peeta's Bakery


Row of houses Katniss runs by 

 Corner Katniss consoles Prim at beginning of movie

Just a photo of one of the houses