Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Newest Modern Handmade Child Online Magazine out now

As a member of the wonderful group EtsyKids, I can only brag on how talented our members are.  With almost 1,200 members you can expect to get high quality, boutique, and one of a kind items for anything you are looking for, and even some your weren't looking for. 

Modern Handmade Child Online Magazine is dedicated to showcasing some of our talented team members and their talents.  Not only do you get to see what our members have been up too, but you will also learn great art projects you can do at home with your children as well as great healthy recipes to keep little tummies happy. 

Follow this link to browse our free magazine.  Yes, I did say free.  You don't here that much these days.
 Modern Handmade Child Online Magazine

You can also visit our blog at Modern Handmade Child Blog

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SeamedUP said...

Wow !! Thanks for sharing the information about this - I had no idea this was out there:)